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Large pet urn / treat pot silicone mould and lid

Large pet urn / treat pot silicone mould and lid


Create a meaningful and beautiful way to memorialize your beloved pet with this Large Pet Urn / Treat Pot Silicone Mould and Lid. This handmade silicone mould allows you to create a customized urn or treat pot for your furry friend, providing a thoughtful and unique way to honor their memory. The durable silicone material ensures easy release and clean up, making it a convenient option for creating a lasting tribute. The included lid adds an extra layer of functionality, allowing you to store treats or other mementos inside the urn or pot. Whether used as a memorial or as a functional treat container, this silicone mould and lid is a versatile and heartfelt addition to any pet owner's collection.


The large pet urn measures 

Height 18cm/7.08" 

Widest point 17cm/6.6"

Internal width 12cm/4.7"

Interanl depth 14cm/5.5"


This is a large mould and may require two people to demould unless you are used to moulds ..


All moulds are made to order and can take uo to two weeks, all moulds are sent fully tracked and insured 

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