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Pendant #2 silicone mould

Pendant #2 silicone mould


Pendant #2 silicone mould.


This mould has x10 shapes 


To make the plaster stronger I have use a acrylic liquid polymer , I replaced 25% of the water mix ratio.


Large square X2 pendant which measures 

40mm/1.5 inches wide 

10mm/0.4 inches deep


Small square X3 pendant which measures 

30mm/0.2 inches wide

7.3mm/0.2 inches deep


Heart X2 pendant which measures 

33mm/1.3 inches wide 

6mm/0.26 inches deep


Oval X2 pendant shape which measures 

40mm/1.5 inches Long 

2.8mm/1.1 inches wide 

6.7mm/0.2 inches deep


Circle X1 pendant shape which measure 

3.8mm/1.5 inches wide 

7.3mm/0.29 inches deep


All moulds are made and designed in Devon Moulds and are not to be re moulded . All moulds are made to order and theres a process time of up to two weeks.






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