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Plump Pot and Lid silicone moulds.

Plump Pot and Lid silicone moulds.


This is the new Plump pot range, three sizes ,Small, Medium and Large, all have a lid option


They measure 


Small 5oz/54g of Wax

75mm/2.9 inches tall

87mm/3.4 inches wide

65mm/2.5inche internal opening

66mm/2.5 inches Deep


Medium 11oz/313g of Wax 

95mm/3.7 inches tall

110mm/4.3 inches wide

83mm/3.2 inche internal opening 

84mm/3.3 inches deep


Large 20oz/548g of wax

117mm/4.6 inches tall

135mm/5.3 inches wide 

101mm/3.9 inche internal opening

102mm/4 inches deep


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