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Zodiac candle cup silicone mould

Zodiac candle cup silicone mould


Zodiac pots/candle vessels


The pot measures 


95mm/3.7 inches in diameter

72mm/2.8 inches tall

8.5mm/0.3 inch wall thickness 


Holds aprroximatly 10oz of wax 


Below are images that show the star sign that is designed on the pot .


Aries ♈

Taurus ♉

Gemini ♊

Cancer ♋

Leo ♌

Virgo ♍

Libra ♎

Scorpio ♏

Sagittarius ♐

Capricorn ♑

Aquarius ♒

Pisces ♓


In the options is all listing for all 12 moulds 

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